Robotic Arm Used in Part Marking

Coating and Paint Application Systems

Aerobotix is the premier supplier of robotic coating and paint finishing systems for the application of unique and difficult coatings.  This might range from equipment used for painting Line-X™ in a truck bed, sealing a window, painting camouflage on a Humvee, or applying the specialized coatings to the world’s most advanced stealth aircraft. Our equipment can be found working with full-up aircraft, large piece parts, engine inlets, missiles, ground vehicles, and UAV’s.

The heart of every solution begins with understanding your process needs, optimizing the design to produce the most reliable, user-friendly and repeatable system, then integrating off-the-shelf equipment and components into a robotic painting system that fits your process, production and facility requirements.


Aerobotix designs, delivers, and supports the Full-Up Robotic Aircraft Painting Systems for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, also called Lightning II. The customer refers to the systems as RAFS or Robotic Aircraft Finishing System. Three FANUC robots surround the aircraft and are further positioned on X, Y, and Z rails. The robots work together to maintain a wet edge as they spray the top and bottom of the aircraft to the correct coating thickness.

Aerobotix has delivered RAFS II and will install RAFS III soon. Recently an international company purchased RAFS IV to coat the JSF aircraft in Europe.

Aerobotix will work with you to determine how to approach your aircraft coating requirements. Projects of this type require extensive offline robotic simulation efforts to determine concepts, through-put, rail designs, and reach envelopes.

In some cases we can add sanding and blue light scanning to your system to achieve more processes.


Aerobotix has designed, engineered, and installed several turn-key robotic systems for the precision application of performance coatings on missiles. Different missiles require a variety of coatings to achieve their objective and Aerobotix can assist you in getting the coatings applied to the exact thickness requirement.

The launch containers and shipping containers for missiles and rockets also have stringent coating or camouflage requirements. We can robotically spray the camouflage coating without patterns, masking, or Mylar film as the robot can control the spray plume tight enough to eliminate masking. Please ask us about automated stencil application.

In some cases we can add sanding and blue light scanning to your system to achieve more processes.


Aerobotix designed, delivered, and installed a dual robotic spray system to apply CARC camouflage coatings to the HMMVW, or Hummer. The vehicles are driven into the robotic booth and roughly located so the robots can execute a touch-off routine that tunes the program for the vehicle location. The system then applies the camouflage coatings without stencils, masking paper, or Mylars as the system adjusts the paint spray plume to draw an edge that is crisp enough for this process.

Aerobotix has worked with FANUC robotics to supply our coating systems and installation expertise on other camouflage coating systems. We regularly work with FANUC direct to solve the customer’s requirements with the best collective capabilities.

Our ability and experience in delivering a robotic systems that can be moved around a large part with X, Y, and Z rails separates Aerobotix from the competition. This skill set provides the customer a system with less robots and fluid systems making it more cost effective and easier to operate and maintain.

In some cases we can add sanding and blue light scanning to your system to achieve more processes.


Aerobotix recently delivered an overhead robotic finishing system that accurately applies epoxy primer, base coat, and polyurethane topcoat to the leading edges of Blackhawk helicopter blades. The system is very unique in that the robot must maintain a precise coating thickness around the radius of the leading edge of the blade and then taper the coating down on the trailing edge.

Aerobotix worked with NCDMM and the Army to develop the turnkey robotic system to include the painting processes, automated blade locating laser system, custom databasing Human Machine Interface (HMI), paint path programs, training curriculum, and maintenance training. The automated system can now apply the coating in a repeatable fashion to give the war fighter the best possible equipment.

In some cases we can add sanding and blue light scanning to your system to achieve more processes.


Please contact Aerobotix to discuss your requirements for coating your UAV. We have experience in this area and can apply our lessons learned to your program. Even if your program does not have a high volume of parts we can still support you with an economical approach to robotically applying your performance coatings. In several cases Aerobotix has designed and fielded systems that are mobile enough to be positioned around and aircraft to reduce the cost of capital equipment to paint low rate production hardware. We can even design the system to be shipping mobile so you can set up the mobile robotic system at various sites to execute robotic coating repairs or re-paints.

In some cases we can add sanding and blue light scanning to your system to achieve more processes.